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As some of you are aware I recently put up a post about building a Budget Mining Rig for dogecoin etc

Now the Cougar CMX V2 series PSU’s look great & their price makes them appealing & if you google them you will find some nice reviews about them.

Don’t let any of that fool you.

After just 2 weeks of it running & only drawing 530 Watts at 2 amps total for the entire rig it failed.

When I say it failed… well it kind of hasn’t died yet & at this point you are wondering well whats wrong with it.

It started a fire, melted the cables, filled the room with thick smoke but kept running… If I had not discovered it when I did it would have literally started a house fire & burned down my house.

Any other reputable brand like: Thermaltake, Corsair, Seasonic would of blown the internal fuse preventing further damage.. but no the Cougar wants to go hard till the very end!

Do not touch Cougar PSU’s with your mates, mates 10ft pole. Maybe put them in your mother in laws computer… okay that was a terrible joke.

You get the gist. Cougar Power Supplies will BURN DOWN YOUR HOUSE!

Here are a few pictures.

Cougar CMX V2 850 W Power Supply Review

Cougar CMX V2 850 W Power Supply Review

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