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Mid this year I moved to Tokyo, Japan. After settling in to my new house with my wife it came time to setup the internet connection. To my surprise we were able to get a gigabit fibre connection to our apartment for $50 a month.

The only time I see the connection drop below 1GBps is when its peak time which then drop to speeds of around 700 MBps Up & Down. I’m so amazed with the connection. It’s definitely the best experience I have had with the internet since the time I went from 56k dial up to ADSL1.

Anyways I didn’t want to waste all this epic bandwidth, so I setup a Free Ventrilo Server for anyone to use for free.

Here are the details.

Server Name: Sammit’s Free Vent Server
Server IP/Host: vent.sammit.net
Port: 3784

Now I don’t have a Ventrilo Licence (because im not a vent server reseller) so the free licence only allows 8 users connected. But its still enough for a small group of gamers to use.  Enjoy 🙂

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