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I have come across this issue a few times with Windows 7 where the .LNK File association somehow is set to another program or just doesn’t work anymore.

This is normally caused by registry corruption. But don’t worry it’s an easy fix.
So let me take you through how to fix the .LNK file associations.

First open REGEDIT you can do this by holding down the windows key & then pushing R. Then in the run window type regedit & push enter.

Once the Registry Editor is open you need to browse in HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT till you see the folder .lnk
Now delete the whole folder .lnk
Now you need to import a non corrupted .lnk Reg file

Here is a copy of a clean .lnk reg key – CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD

Once you have extracted the reg file from the ZIP archive in regedit go to File, Import & select the reg file you just extracted & import it.

Now reboot & your shortcuts will work again & everything should be fine again.


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