Due to COVID-19 Japan Post has restrictions in place for international shipping. They told us that Air Mail may not be running again until 2021 for certain countries. So we are forced to ship all orders via their Surface Mail service to the restricted countries which has a 2 Month ETA. You can see updates from JP Post by (Clicking Here)

[UPDATE: Europe & Canada we can now ship via Air Mail, everywhere else is still Surface Mail]


Q: Are you shipping to the USA?
Yes, we are! It will just take longer for it to get to you than previously.

Q: Where is my merch from the Miata Giveaway?
Every order has been shipped & is on it’s way to you. As per the above, we had to send everything to the USA via sea not air so there is a 2month ETA. We are expecting everyone to receive their merch by end of October & throughout November.

Q: Why can’t you use DHL, FedEx, UPS, or other services like that?
We are currently working with DHL to come up with a new shipping solution so we can get your merch to you faster. It will take some time but I am hoping to have it working within the next month or so. We will still offer JP Post as a shipping method for those that want to save money on the cheaper shipping methods.

Q: I received an order completed email. Does that mean my order was shipped?
Yes, This means your order is completed on our side & on it’s way to you!

We thank you for your understanding & patience as we all get through this worldwide pandemic together.