Having Problems with your stock boost gauge & dont want to replace it with a tacky after market one?

Well I came across this issue with my R34 GT-T 1998 Skyline 1 month after getting it shipped over from Japan.

The Boost Gauge started not working & then working intermittently…

Started really annoying me & I knew it was a sensor of some kind as the engine was running perfectly fine.

After some research I found the culprit.

Right next to the break master cylinder is a oval shaped black sensor that has a small vacum hose that feeds directly off the inlet manifold.


The hose & wiring to the sensor were fine so I disconnected the sensor & took it inside to my work bench.

Be careful when opening the sensor the clips can be broken really easily (be delicate)

I discovered that the solder on the 3 main joints was not transferring current well at all & sometimes didn’t at all.

Boost_Sensor copy

I busted out my soldering station & used some fresh solder to re-flow (re-melt) the solder joints.  Just for safety measures I also did this on all major sized solder joints.

After that I put it all back together & hooked it all back up.


its been 3 weeks now with out a single issue.