The reversing lights on my Skyline were driving me NUTS!  over the years it had spent in Japan the light lenses had turned yellowy GROSS!

This is a common thing with import cars & some old cars. something to do with whats in the air & what the plastic absorbs when it expands & contracts etc.


Ok the things you will need to do this

800G wet & dry sand paper

1200G wet & dry sand paper

Metal Polish – like Brasso

Mentholated spirits or rubbing alcohol


Take any electrics out of the lights.

Grab a bucket with some water in it with your 2 types of sand paper.

Start with the 800G make sure you wet the paper & the light before sanding.


You will see all of the yellow gunk has pretty much already come off.

Once you get similar results as this switch to the 1200G


Once you’re happy with how the light is looking rince it off


Now comes the polishing part


Go crazy with polishing so you get a nice clear finish



Now clean the light with the Mentholated spirits or rubbing alcohol

If you got any water inside the light pour some inside the light & give it a good shake & then poor it out. the Mentholated spirits or rubbing alcohol will evaporate any moisture in there.

& you’re done!


Here is a few comparisons


Before & After